Cupcakes & Couture

Hi! My name is Tracie. I am 24 years old and I am originally from Michigan, but have just move down to Chicago! I love sweets and clothes! I'm interested in the field of dentistry and medicine. I know it'll be a long journey so I'm blogging pictures in the meantime. Hope you all enjoy :)

My Bucket List <3

1. Graduate College

2. Get into Dental School

3. Go to the Summer 2016 Olympics 

4. Own a Q7

5. Have a 007 Movie Marathon

6. Go a Year Without Fighting With My Mother

7. Buy My Father His Dream Car

8. Tell Someone I Love Them and Mean It

9. Have Children

10. Run a 5K

11. Go Skinny Dipping

12. Go to Bora Bora

13. Own My Own Home

14. Get Married to the Love of My Life

15. Meet Michael Phelps

16. Inspire Someone

17. Meet Sandra Bullock

18. Open a Bakery

19. Travel Around the World

20. Run a Half Marathon

21. Run a Marathon

22. Golf with My Brothers and Dad at the Same Time

23. Ski in Colorado

24. Ski at the Swiss Alps

25. Learn to Water Ski

26. Learn to Surf

27. Run the Chicago Marathon

28. Learn to Sail a Boat

29. Learn Ballet/Pointe

30. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

31. Go Parasailing

32. Go Scuba Diving

33. Go Bungee Jumping

34. Learn to Fly a Plane

35. Ride the Largest Roller Coaster 

36. Ride a Gondola in Italy

37. Go to Australia

38. Go to the Grand Canyon

39. Run a 10K

40. See the Pyramids in Egypt

41. Go to the Great Wall of China

42. Own a Giraffe

43. Get a Tibetan Mastiff

44. Have a Husky/Malamute Mix

45. Have a Doberman Pinscher 

46. Own a Bernese Mountain Dog

47. Be in a Movie

48. Kiss a Ginger

49. Be a Millionaire

50. Stay in a Haunted Hotel

51. Watch a Tiger’s Game Live

52. Do a Naked Run

53. Get a Pixie Cut

54. Have a LOTR Movie Marathon

55. Sit Through a Scary Movie Without Screaming

56. Buy a Homeless Man a Meal

57. Be Santa Claus at a Children Hospital 

58. Help Start a Free Dental Clinic for the Underprivleged

59. Do Volunteer Work and Help Kids with Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries

60. Live In NYC For a Year

61. Tutor Underprivileged Children

62. Go Skydiving

63. Go to the Galapagos 

64. Bake an Apple Pie From Scratch

65. Bake Seasonal Cookies With My (future) Kids

66. Carve a Pumpkin

67. Go to a Masquerade Ball

68. Sleep On the Beach

69. Party in NYC

70. Go to the Mayan Ruins

71. Go to Rome, Italy

72. Live in LA for a Year

73. Live in Washington DC for a Month

74. Climb a Mountain

75. Run a Race with my Best Friend

76. Run the NYC Marathon

77. Drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road

78. Visit Napa Valley

79. Get a Matching Tattoo with my Best Friend

80. Go Paragliding